* Lively rock opera deserves a wider audience
Honolulu Star Bulletin

* “SOULMATES” rocks the MACC
Maui Scene

* A modern opera that will rock your soul
Haleakala Times
* The songs are memorable long after one has left the theater
Honolulu Star Bulletin

* Every now and then the debut of a theatrical production blurs the lines between genres and creates a new art form. Soulmates: A Rock Opera is one of those productions. It is a mind-blowing show, combining the best aspects of musicals and rock’n’roll.
Haleakala Times

* It had them up on their feet, dancing at their seats and clapping in time to the music
Maui News

* Watson as Jessica, a struggling artist who makes it and finds her soul mate, is a youthful, petite blonde with a powerful set of pipes and enough energy to light up a large metropolitan area. She has written a marvelous piece with several terrific songs.
Maui Scene

* Everyone seemed to agree that the “world premier” of Soulmates will be the beginning of a big sensation.
Maui News

* To succeed,one of the things a musical or rock opera needs is music that has something to add to the communication of emotions and the advancement of the story. In that regard, Soulmates is a solid success.
Maui Weekly


“Having worked with Henry Mancini, Johnny Mercer and Vince Guraldi (all now deceased) I despaired of ever finding a co-writer of their caliber until I met Miss Watson. Her style is unique and manages to meld with mine in such a way that I feel I have finally found another co-writer who understands words and music in the same way I do” Rod McKuen (200 million recordings 75 million books of poetry, Grammy Award & played role of Priest in Soulmates

“Patricia is extremely talented in performance, writing and now producing and acting” Cheryl Cecchetto,
owner Sequoia Productions producing events: Warner Brothers, LA Sports & Entertainment, Governors’ Ball/Academy Awards

“I once heard an interview with Andrew Lloyd Weber who said that if he had one hit song from the musical, it would be a success. If there were 2 hit songs, it would definitely be a success. Well, ‘SOULMATES’ has 3 or 4 hit songs, so I guess that means it is going to be a great success. Elan Vital, International Artist & Gallerist

“SOULMATES is a new work to be reckoned with. I was immediately drawn to it. I love the heart and soul of it.” David Galligan, Nationally Acclaimed Director & Director of SOULMATES premiere Maui

“Please accept my compliments on your absolutely excellent production of SOULMATES. What I found particularly pleasing in your production–besides your incredible energy and the vitality of your music — was the very important message of hope and the importance of dreams, and that if one works hard and believes, ones dreams do, in fact, come true”.
Alan Arakawa, Mayor, County of Maui

“I have extreme familiarity with the musical and theatrical abilities of Patricia Watson; as a pianist, vocalist, composer, lyricist, playwright , actor, producer, and director. To conquer one field would be noteworthy, but to achieve excellence in all eight above is beyond remarkable.
Frank Leone, President Musicians Union of Las Vegas , Past MD/conductor: Red Skelton

“Thanks to ASCAP’s John Alexander who connected her to Michael Kerker (ASCAP Musical Theater), Canadian born Watson (veteran international entertainer, EMI/Electrola Germany) met director David Galligan (David Foster’s Scream) and legendary ASCAP writer, poet and entertainer Rod McKuen. McKuen, who has more than 65 million books and 200 million records to his credit, loved the script and the music and, eventually, played the a major role as a priest”. ASCAP Magazine, Eric Philbrook

“Patricia is a fountain of inspiring music and a lava flow of good feeling. I believe in her and was the first to start the money flow for her production of SOULMATES”
Marek Lieberberg, International German Promotor 2006 tours: Madonna, Santana, Monsters of Rock, Bryan Adams, Billy Joel, Billy Idol, The Who, Duran Duran

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