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SOULMATES is a spiritual, funny, love story about rockstars in the 1980’s who have to find their own souls before they can find their SOULMATES. (Rock Opera, Musical & Screenplay)

SOULMATES is an original musical, a comedic love story about two rock stars in the late 1980’s, who are living parallel lives but do’t know it. Conflict and temptation misdirect their course to each other as they each get everything they ever wanted … except ‘true love’. Never really believing this ‘gift’ existed, it is not until they bottom out that they can finally surrender to the opportunity for romantic love, resurrecting themselves, their careers and their relationship, as the Creator plants seeds of Love.

 “Lively rock opera deserves a wider audience”

– Honolulu Star Bulletin

“A modern opera that will rock your soul”

– Haleakala Times

“SOULMATES rocks the MACC”

– Maui Scene

“The songs are memorable long after one has left the theater”

– Honolulu Star Bulletin



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